Firm’s online presence matters to Indian job seekers

Job seekers in India seek companies online presence before applying and want to read employer reviews.
By: | September 2, 2019

A survey by Indeed has revealed that 71% of Indians will not consider applying for a job if it does not have any information online. Employer reputation is key to an Indian job seeker when applying for a job with 97% of them considering it crucial so that they can evaluate the company.

In fact more than 50% of them said they would have a bad impression of the company if they failed to find information of its reputation online. This perception also extends to whether the job opportunity is real as regards the genuineness of job postings.

According to Indeed 63% of job seekers would read online company reviews by current and former-employees to help the job seeker decide whether or not to apply for the role at the company. As such employers and companies should share their information online to be accessible and prove their genuineness and transparency.

The report also says that job seekers are motivated more by career prospects and stability than pay.