Four of the Best: Attendance Management Systems

HRM Asia presents four of the best Attendance Management systems, all modernising the practice for workforces across Asia-Pacific.
By: | November 29, 2019

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If there’s one thing that holds HR professionals back from getting involved in the more value-adding, strategic parts of their roles, it is the time-consuming, and often tedious administrative work associated with monitoring staff time and attendance. What’s worse, is there is an ever-present risk that small errors here can lead to big (and even more time-consuming) disputes and issues later down the track.

That’s why specialised software can be such an important tool for HR professionals of all levels. Taking that difficult and risk-heavy task out of the in-tray through an automated system gives HR leaders much greater opportunity to concentrate on building effective and productive cultures across their workforce. Here are four of the best brands in this niche area of HR technology:


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Digitised HR solutions. Designed for Industry 4.0. As the region’s leading one-stop HR service provider, BIPO has been helping companies simplify and streamline HR processes since 2004.

At BIPO, we understand that companies need to stay agile, efficient and cost-effective.  That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive suite of HR applications on a single platform, from Personnel, Payroll, Leave Management, Claims, Time & Attendance to Training – eliminating the stress from complicated HR tasks.

Available on the cloud and mobile, BIPO’s all-in-one HRMS platform offers flexible, customizable solutions.  Using state-of-the-art geo-fencing, Bluetooth capabilities, biometrics and iris scanners to support clocking devices, managing complex shift patterns with BIPO’s Time & Attendance application is a now seamless process.

Whether you’re an SME or Enterprise, leverage BIPO’s mobile APP and cost-effective solutions to stay productive while complying with multi-statutory regulations like IRAS, CPF and MOM requirements.

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TIMES SOFTWARE PTE LTD is a privately owned, home grown company incorporated in 1998. We specialize in the development, consultation, marketing and support of our award-winning TIMES HRIS, Payroll and a full suite of cloud enabled Human Resource Information System (HRIS) applications. (TIMES Attendance Management Systems (TIMES Timesheet), TIMES Payroll, TIMES Payslip, TIMES Leave, TIMES Claim,  TIMES Casual Labor, TIMES Appraisal, TIMES Training TIMES Recruit).

TIMES SOFTWARE’s Attendance Management System is fully integrated with payroll and leave records. It helps companies track employees’ work locations, work hours and ensures that there are no business policy or government regulatory violations.  Our solutions range from on-premises software to cloud-based solutions complete with analytics and flexible interfaces for users to schedule and configure the system to cater to their business needs.

In addition to our core business, we also provide Payroll and HR outsourcing and E-Portal Services.


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With over 20 years of experience, HRiQ’s Time and Attendance Management System has been refined through the years to become a true work-horse of attendance systems. HRiQ’s ability to manage and customise complex attendance policies shines through in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, retail, construction and engineering.

Besides biometric and facial recognition support, our mobile application acts as an additional attendance capturing point providing convenience to employees who might be clocking in/out remotely. Further implementation with our integrative Payroll and Leave module provides the HR team with a bird’s eye view for accurate compensation and data for effective planning.

HRiQ’s Time Attendance System is just one of the many integrative modules HRiQ provides, HRiQ also reaches across to help support Talent Management activities like recruitment, appraisal, learning and development providing our users with the ultimate end-end HRMS.

Click here to read more on HRiQ’s Time Attendance System.



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When it comes to work productivity, 20% of your efforts produce 80% of your results.  So focus on tasks that matter, without spending your time on tedious administrative work.

The iREP Human Resource (HR) module provides a platform for the comprehensive management of all employment records of employees, while the Payroll module is a robust payroll calculation software that is streamlined to the security industry.

The automated payroll calculations are strictly compliant to manpower laws imposed by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM).  In addition, the payroll system is seamlessly integrated with the Attendance and module to auto-detect and calculate the overtime hourly rate accurately based on an employee’s basic salary.  Most importantly, the payroll system generates a professional payslip that is both printer-friendly and mobile-friendly.


  • Greater cost savings and reduced wastage of resources
  • Transparency and trust between employers and employees
  • Increased cost savings from reduced paper usage
  • Minimise disputes on payroll and attendance