Get hiring this month

October is the best time to hunt for talent and for jobseekers to send in applications, according to new data from LinkedIn.
By: | October 11, 2019

October is the biggest month of the year in terms of number of jobs posted. Nearly half of hiring managers say they hire in this month, according to LinkedIn. It also gives them a chance to get new hires in and trained up before the end of the year.

The professional networking site’s data also shows that Monday is the single biggest day of the week when most new jobs are posted. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you should jump in and start hiring, given the heightened activity and competition for talent.

LinkedIn faces growing competition from Google and Facebook as they look to grow their presence in the recruitment space.

They offer an alternative to traditional recruitment sites that are typically focused on active job seekers. These candidates are easier to access but often have low engagement rates with the job they apply for.

Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google see opportunities with passive jobseekers and those who are currently holding jobs. While this group are much harder to access, they are often much more engaged in the job than other candidates.