Grab implements microlearning platform for drivers

The ride-sharing firm will be using mobile technology to provide onboarding and continuous learning via mobile devices.
By: | September 12, 2018
Millions of Grab drivers across Southeast Asia will now have access to onboarding and continuous learning via a microlearning platform.
The platform will be powered by Axonify, and looks to provide a dynamic, interactive and gamified approach to training.
Through the platform, Grab is looking incorporate new driver training and assessment into the online driver acquisition process, and support its ‘Better 365’ driver-partner welfare campaign.
Additionally, Grab drivers – termed by the firm as “driver-partners” – will have access to an on-demand content hub where training modules and learning reinforcement activities will be delivered to them, based on their specific needs.
Russell Cohen, Head of Regional Operations for Grab, said that the microlearning platform will help the growing firm “deliver onboarding training to new driver-partners as well as refresher training to current driver-partners in a more scalable and consistent way.”
“It enables us to focus on continuously improving driver efficiency and satisfaction, as well as safety and service levels to passengers. We want to provide driver-partners with continuous learning and upskilling opportunities,” he added.