Nearly half of Hong Kong employees actively looking for new job

The latest survey also shows that more than eight in 10 Hong Kong employees are concerned about job security this year.
By: | May 27, 2020

49% of Hong Kong employees are actively looking for a new job and more than one in three respondents (35%) said that while they are not actively looking, they are open to exploring new job opportunities.

That is according to the 2020 COVID-19 Employee Pulse Survey conducted by Randstad, who surveyed 1,045 locally based employees between April 22 and May 5 to understand the sentiments about the employment market this year.

Hong Kong has been rocked by the anti-government protests since last year and the COVID-19 pandemic has further impacted its economy and job market with businesses being brought to a standstill.

The survey reflects the bleak outlook among employees, with 86% of respondents concerned about job security this year. And out of those who intend to look for a new job opportunity, 41% said that they are unsatisfied with their current salary and want a job with higher pay.

In addition, 33% said that they want to change their career or the industry they work in, 18% said that their skills and work experience do not meet their current job requirements and 41% cited reasons associated with COVID-19.

“The employment statuses for many Hongkongers have changed as a result of months-long protests and COVID-19. A global event like the pandemic will also motivate some people to rethink their career choices,” said Natellie Sun, Managing Director of Search and Selection across Greater China at Randstad.

“Some may want to join an industry that is seen to be recession-proof for better job security or to find a new purpose through their career. We can expect to see more movements in the job market once the economy picks up,” she added.

Meanwhile, 89% of respondents stated that their employers have made flexible working and remote working arrangements in response to the pandemic. Among them, 23% said that their companies have made working from home a compulsory measure.

“When employers implement work-from-home policies to protect their staff from the pandemic, they should also ensure that the employees can receive adequate technology and team support from home,” said Sun.

“In an ideal situation, employees should not need to troubleshoot technical issues on their own at home. Neither should they feel alone or unsupported by their team members when working remotely. With the help of technology, managers can play a more active role in tracking their employees’ progress and step in to provide counsel and support to those who need it.” she added.