HR Tech Festival Asia Online 2020: Leadership in an agile workforce

As we enter into a new era of work, leadership will have to evolve and adapt to an increasingly agile and mobile workforce.
By: | August 5, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape the world of work, not only are the workforce priorities changing, the need for leadership to evolve and adapt is becoming more pronounced than ever before.

Speaking exclusively at the HR Tech Fest Asia Online 2020 which is happening from September 29 to October 1, Brian Sommer, an award-winning HR technology analyst, strategy consultant and writer, will identify the challenges HR leaders face and what active steps HR will need to take to make it a very productive contributor to the organisation’s success.

He told HRM Asia, “While it’s tempting to wait until a new technology is in use by hundreds or thousands of other companies before your firm takes the plunge, this ‘strategy’ will certainly doom your HR group to mediocrity. Great firms look to what is the art of the possible not the art of the past. Being a leader is about looking forward not behind. Go for it!”

Elisa Mallis, Managing Director and Vice President, Asia-Pacific, Center for Creative Leadership, will also be debunking myths and ‘urban legends’ which are aplenty in the leadership development world.

“Leadership will be the key differentiator between organizations that come out stronger post-COVID and those that will suffer and perish.  Human resources and leadership functions are under extreme pressure not only to develop leaders to deal with the here-and-now challenges, but also to proactively prepare organizations for the recovery. And fast!,” she said.

“Disruption is an opportunity to reset the leadership development function, and view it with a very objective lens, without biases and prejudices. Myths and urban legends are aplenty in the leadership development world and now is the time to debunk some of them and re-energize the function.”

In the highly engaging and anticipated C-Suite Conversation, Low Peck Kem, Chief HR Officer and Advisor (Workforce Development) for the Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore, Dr Tanvi Gautam, Transformation Leadership Expert and Justina Tan, Managing Director, People at Changi Airport Group, will discuss and share insights on how to shape and lead an agile workforce.

Low shared, “COVID-19 has set the stage for companies to learn how to tap on an agile workforce. Be it remote work, telecommuting or flexible working arrangement, these are all different aspects of a more agile workforce.  Leaders have to learn to maximize the new normal of a more agile workforce, and learn how to better engage and motivate the agile workforce without compromising on the results expected from the team.”

Gautam added, “The renaissance leaders will emerge on top of the pandemic rubble. These are people who know to speak, lead and engage beyond areas of core competence. HR needs to speak IT, Finance, Marketing and more if it wants to be relevant.”

Join us at the HR Tech Festival Asia Online 2020 from September 29 to October 1 for more in-depth discussions and exclusive insights from over 70 of the world’s leading HR thought-leaders as we navigate this new world of work together.

Year 2020 is an exceptional year and to show solidarity with the HR community, the organisers, HRM Asia are offering all HR professionals complimentary access to HR Tech Festival Asia Online this year. The road ahead in the new norm will be challenging. So, spread the word and let’s band together at HR Tech Festival Asia Online 2020.

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