Indonesia launches digital literacy programme for SMEs

The Ministry of Communications and Informatics has launched a programme to step up digitalisation among SMEs.
By: | September 10, 2021

The programme, conducted by the National Digital Literacy Movement (GNLD) Siberkreasi, covered topics like digital marketing, pricing, profit objectives, social media, and product branding specifically tailored for SMEs. 

SMEs account for 99% of Indonesia’s businesses and employ over 97% of the workforce. Many SMEs had suffered pandemic-induced losses due to lockdowns and restrictions. Nearly 88% of Indonesian SMEs ran out of capital for business continuity, while 60% had reduced their workforce. 

Despite the country’s high internet penetration, digital literacy remains low. Out of 60 million SMEs in Indonesia, only 16% of them have adopted digitalisation. The nation is also ranked last in the Digital Civility Index Report among ASEAN countries due to its vulnerability to hoaxes, cyber-crime, and online fraud cases. 

Therefore, the Ministry’s online programme Pekan Pelaku UKM (SMEs Week) was designed to enhance SMEs’ digital literacy and facilitate their digital transition with the necessary skillset. 

Held from September 3 to 10, the event attracted over 3,000 participants, both from the general public and SMEs in Indonesia.  

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More digital literacy programmes by the GNLD Siberkreasi are also accessible to the Indonesian public, with over 200 free online events conducted weekly, according to the Ministry of Communications and Informatics.