Indonesia boosts women’s work participation

Employees’ skills, financial independence, and financial inclusion have so far been improved through the Pre-Employment Card Programme.
By: | October 20, 2022

Indonesia has increased its women’s work participation rate through its Pre-Employment Card Programme, which aims to help jobseekers land jobs and upskill. The work competency development programme provided by the Indonesian government is aimed at jobseekers, employees who have lost their jobs, and those who need competency improvement.

To date, the programme has improved the skills and financial independence of workers, as well as their financial inclusion, said Denni Puspa Purbasari, Executive Director of the Pre-Employment Card Programme. “The presence of various kinds of online training provided in the Pre-Employment Card ecosystem encourages female entrepreneurs to return to the job market by being self-employed from home.

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“The success or failure of a person in learning to participate in this training all depends on themselves. First, it depends on their intention, then their seriousness, and consistency when studying.”

Women now constitute 49% of the recipients of the Pre-Employment Card, registering a total of 1.4 female entrepreneurs, reported Anatra.