Indonesia strives to nurture digital talents

To achieve its goal of 9 million digital talents by 2030, the nation needs to produce 600,000 digital talents a year.
By: | October 18, 2022

Indonesia’s Communication and Informatics Ministry is rolling out a number of programmes to meet the nation’s target of digital talents.

Usman Kansong, Director General of Information and Public Commission at the ministry, said, “The Communication and Informatics Ministry is continuing to conduct digital literacy programmes for the basic level, the Digital Talent Scholarship for the intermediate level, and the Digital Leadership Academy for the advanced level.”

Indonesia will need 9 million digital talents in the 15-year period from 2015 to 2030. To meet this need, it needs to produce 600,000 digital talents every year, according to data from the World Bank and McKinsey.

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Currently, the country can only meet a third of its annual demand, or 200,000 people, through its programmes. To that end, the ministry is collaborating with educational institutions to fulfil the need for 400,000 digital talents.

It has consistently hosted digital training programmes to nurture digital talent over the past few years. Under such programmes, 2.5 million people have completed their training. This year, the ministry is aiming for its digital literacy programme to cover 5.5 million people.