Indonesia to implement job-loss insurance in 2022

The government is committed to implementing the Job Loss Insurance (JKP) programme, commencing 2022, said the Manpower Ministry.
By: | December 15, 2021

“We remain committed to implementing this JKP. The regulations, from the government and the Manpower Ministry and Finance Ministry, have been completed,” Secretary-General of the Manpower Ministry Anwar Sanusi said during a discussion on job market access in JKP. 

The secretary-general added that based on the decision of the Constitutional Court regarding the Job Creation Act, incorporating the JKP programme, the law is still valid until it is revised within two years. 

The programme is designed to accommodate all employment issues, including termination of employment, with the government’s assistance, he noted. 

Workers can benefit from the JKP programme in three areas: access to labour market information, job training to help beneficiaries start working in new companies, and cash benefits to be offered for a maximum of six months. 

Information on the labour market would particularly be helpful for JKP beneficiaries as they can access relevant information about new jobs or companies. And the information is not only limited to domestic jobs, but also for job openings abroad, Sanusi said. 

For job training, the programme aims to provide training to upskill or reskill JKP beneficiaries to have competencies in the jobs they pursue. 

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JKP is part of the social security assistance received by workers affected by layoffs that will receive various benefits. The government is preparing to start providing such assistance for workers in 2022, according to Antara.