Jobseekers in Australia with accrued demerits offered clean slate

Under the new Workforce Australia scheme, new criteria have been set for jobseekers to continue receiving government support.
By: | June 30, 2022

Jobseekers who have accrued penalties or demerits under the country’s employment services programme will be offered a clean slate, under a pledge by the Labour party made days before a new system takes effect.

From next Monday, Workforce Australia will replace the jobactive scheme, which requires jobseekers to submit 20 job applications a month to keep their payments from the government. 

The new system has been criticised by some social services advocates for being poorly communicated, which has led to high levels of confusion, reports ABC news.

Under Workforce Australia, jobseekers will have to accumulate 100 points a month under a mutual obligations Points Based Activation System (PBAS), which is earned through activities like completing job applications and training courses to continue receiving government support. 

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Under the new programme, the minimum new job search requirement has been dropped from five to four per week, and individuals will have no job search requirements if they are undertaking approved short full-time courses.

The changes would  “provide real incentives for people who are making an extra effort to be job-ready”, said Employment Minister Tony Burke.