Kellogg’s moves to remove credential requirements for job positions 

The push to remove degree requirements for most job positions is part of Kellogg’s strategy to attract more job candidates from a wider talent pool.
By: | June 9, 2023

Having a degree may no longer be essential to be eligible for most positions at Kellogg’s, thanks to the recent drive by the company to become more inclusive by reducing barriers to open positions.

The cereal and snacks company explained that the move is due to the recognition that educational credentials may not necessarily reflect the contributions that a prospective employee may be able to make. This policy shift was first put to trial with the Kellogg’s Field Sales division in the second quarter of 2022, and the new policy will be rolled out to the rest of the organisation. However, positions and openings for jobs that need regulation, like legal counsel and engineering, will still require candidate to have degrees.

Chris Silcock, Kellogg’s UK Managing Director, said, “At Kellogg we believe everyone should have a place at the table and by ditching the need to have a degree we hope more people from different backgrounds will consider Kellogg as somewhere for their career, not just those who went to university.”

Kellogg’s move was applauded by Social Mobility Foundation, a UK charity, with Head of Advocacy and Campaigns Rosalind Goates saying that employers removing degree requirements for roles that do not need them enables candidates to be assessed based on their potential and skillsets, ensuring employers attract prospective candidates from the widest talent pool possible.

“We welcome Kellogg’s decision and hope more employers will follow suit to create a society where talent from all backgrounds is nurtured, harnessed and rewarded,” she added.