LG Uplus extends marital benefits to unmarried employees

An unmarried male employee has received a month’s wage and five days of leave, which is equivalent to what newlyweds have been receiving from LG Uplus.
By: | January 5, 2023

In a move the organisation says considers and supports the diverse life choices of employees, LG Uplus, a telco owned by South Korean multinational conglomerate LG, has created a new benefit for employees who choose not to marry.

According to LG Uplus, this perk is added to enhance its benefit programme, which has been revised to reflect the diverse life choices of its employees. Employees who are unmarried and age 38 or older are eligible for the benefit. They must also be employed for at least five years and remain single for a minimum of two years after receiving the benefit, reported The Korea Times.

In the event that they get married in less than two years, employees must return the full amount to LG Uplus. If they decide to get married after this period, they will then cease to be eligible for further benefits.

An unmarried male employee has reportedly been the first the receive the non-marriage benefit of a one-month base salary and five days of paid leave, which is equivalent to what newlyweds receive.

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He wrote on the company’s Intranet, “I am happy to say that I have become the first to seek the new benefit, which I have always wanted. Me declining to marry is nothing more than a description of me in the context of marital status, and it doesn’t mean in any way that I live alone. Everybody has different life choices and different circumstances.”