Malaysia and China join forces to boost tech skills

The two Asian countries will cooperate in technical and vocational education training to prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
By: | October 7, 2019

Malaysia has made a big step to tap into China’s growing technological prowess. Its Human Resources Minister has announced new opportunities for Malaysian workers to upskill and reskill in fields where China has a distinct advantage.

This was one of the positive outcomes during bilateral discussions between the two countries at the 25th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Small and Medium Enterprises Ministerial Meeting in Chile.

During the meeting, Malaysian officials highlighted the role innovation and technology will play in growing the SME ecosystem in Malaysia. The government is focusing on the creation of high-growth businesses through targeted assistance in automation, digitalisation and robotics.

But Malaysia wants to improve internationalisation beyond just exports and imports. It is keen to explore other collaborations to boost foreign direct investment (FDI), joint ventures (JVs) and the exchange of technology.