Malaysia’s minimum wage review slated for completion by year-end

The minimum wage rate was raised to RM$1,200 from RM$1,100 previously, and took effect in February 2020 across 57 cities and towns.
By: | November 11, 2021

Malaysia is set to release a review on the nation’s minimum wage by year-end, according to  Deputy Human Resources Minister Datuk Awang Hashim.

“The study by the Human Resources Ministry through the National Wages Consultative Council is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter and will be presented by early 2022,” he said, reports Bernama

“If there are any changes, [they] will have to be brought to Parliament,” he added. 

In the last review, Malaysia’s minimum wage was raised to RM$1,200 (US$289) from RM$1,100 (US$265) previously and took effect in February 2020 across 57 cities and towns in the country. 

However, the minimum wage rate of RM$1,100 still applies for the regions outside the 57 select areas. 

Earlier in October, the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) cautioned that a further upward review of minimum wages in the country would derail economic recovery as businesses are not in the right position to absorb any increase in wages. 

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“Our top priority should be to provide more funding for businesses that were forced to shut down so that we are able to create employment for all those who lost their jobs during the lockdowns,” said MEF President Datuk Dr Syed Hussain Syed Husman then.