Microsoft launches crypto recognition programme

The tech giant is partnering with a fintech firm to offer crypto rewards for coaching, mentoring, blogging, and creating code.
By: | December 12, 2019

Microsoft has teamed up with Singapore-based IT firm Enjin to pilot a new rewards programme that is based on blockchain technology. Azure Heroes is a tokenized recognition programme that rewards contributions to Microsoft’s cloud-based computing platform, Azure.

Participants who contribute to the Azure ecosystem can expect to earn digital collectibles in the form of cryptocurrency for their efforts.

“Azure Heroes aims to reward individuals for verifiable acts of impact such as coaching, creating demos, building sample code, blogging about Azure or completing certain challenges,’’ a spokesman said.

The reward programme operates under a five-tier system, using badgers named Inclusive Leader, Content Hero, Community Hero, Mentor and Maker. It works by way of nominating yourself or others who have made a positive contribution to the Azure cause.

The badgers/badges are tokenized in digital assets in the form of Ethereum, which is a popular type of cryptocurrency. Such gamification of blockchain and cryptocurrency could help widen their appeal and adoption among the general public.

Enjin runs one of the largest cryptocurrency-focused gaming community platforms.