Millennials in Hong Kong desire healthy lifestyles

Health and wellness are important to millennials, and they are willing to spend on what is of importance to them.
By: | January 26, 2023

Over six in 10 millennials in Hong Kong said they are health conscious, however, fewer than half (48%) were satisfied with their overall wellbeing, according to a survey conducted by Bupa.

In the survey that was conducted among 500 Hong Kong millennials aged 25-40, it was discovered that today’s millennials care about their wellbeing but struggle to prioritise it. Their hectic work week makes it hard for them to sleep well, find healthy meals, and exercise regularly. Additionally, the survey revealed several workplace-specific wellness concerns, including eye strain, back pain, and managing mental stress.

There are a number of barriers for millennials to live a healthy, balanced life. Several external factors were cited in the survey, including long working hours and social obligations, as well as internal factors like lack of motivation or not knowing where to begin. Additionally, the pandemic has impacted people’s health since early 2020 due to a lack of access to sports facilities, decreased time with friends and family, and the stress associated with enduring a global pandemic.

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Andrew Merrilees, Managing Director, Bupa Hong Kong, said, “The unmet health and wellbeing needs of Hong Kong millennials represent both an opportunity and an obligation. There is a white space in the market for products and services capable of helping millennial consumers overcome the gap between their wellbeing ambitions and their current state of knowledge and ability.”

The survey further suggested that workplaces can do more than health coverage to look after employees. For instance, holistic wellness resources are essential for both millennials and Gen Z employees as they facilitate a shift from “sick care” to “well care”.