More employees in Japan engage in moonlighting

One in three employees in Japan currently have a side job or have had one in the past, as employers are encouraged to support this practice.
By: | November 22, 2022

The main reason for employees taking on a side job is earning extra income to cover living expenses, an online survey conducted by job placement firm CrowdWorks this September has revealed.

Of the 1,000 survey participants, 20% say they currently have second jobs, while 14% had them in the past. These include working at another company as a salesperson or a consultant, while others sell products online. 

Regarding additional income each month, only 13% said they get over 100,000 yen (US$712), while 16% said they get less than that amount, but over 50,000 yen (US$356). The largest portion, at 65%, said they earn less than US$356 in an average month.

Japanese companies have long forbidden employees to have side jobs, but that has been changing in recent years, reported NHK.

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In July, the Japanese government had asked companies that prohibit their employees from taking a second job to explain their reasons, in a move aimed at encouraging more large companies to allow their employees to hold such jobs. The rule is not mandatory, and companies that decline to provide reasons will not face a penalty.

However, the government hopes to work with Keidanren, Japan’s powerful business lobby, to urge more large companies, which have traditionally been cautious about allowing their employees to have a second job, to respond favourably to the request.