More women willing to invest in upskilling than men in India

Female professionals are more willing to put in time and effort than men to take on courses that will position themselves in leadership roles.
By: | December 7, 2023

Upskilling opportunities are increasing, and female professionals in India are looking to take up these opportunities in technology-based programmes. This is one of the key takeaways from a study by the Emeritus Global Workplace Skills Study 2023, released by Emeritus, an organisation dealing in professional education. The study surveyed 1,720 respondents in 20 cities in India as research, reported Financial Express.

The research showed that there was a near equal number of male and female professionals (88% and 87% respectively) seeking to pursue upskilling opportunities in technology-based programmes. However, women at C-Suite level are more willing to invest to further their education compared to their male counterparts. Female CXOs, on average, are willing to spend US $10,000 on education within the next year, around US $1,500 more than male CXOs. The data pointed to a distinctive trend where women are positioning themselves as frontrunners in rapidly evolving tech-driven industries and looking to become leaders in these sectors.  

The study also shared that female professionals are in favour of spending more time to upskill compared to their male counterparts, with a four-six-month period dedicated to upskilling compared to their male counterparts at two-three months. Across the genders, the study found that respondents listed raising self-confidence, developing leadership skills, ensuring job security, and keeping themselves up to date on the latest knowledge within the industry as reasons why they chose to upskill themselves.

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Mohan Kannegal, CEO, India and APAC, Emeritus, said that the gender-based insights from the study highlighted the “remarkable enthusiasm” of female professionals when it came to upskilling. “It is evident that women are keen to position themselves as leaders in the tech-driven job market. The data reflects a strategic approach, with women at various seniority levels dedicating significant time and resources to stay ahead in dynamic industries,” Kannegal said.