NUHS tackles burnout in the workplace for its 14,000 employees

Singapore’s National University Health System has launched new mental wellness services to help its healthcare workers.
By: | September 4, 2019

NUHS has launched new workplace initiatives to help staff deal with the mental and emotional strains of a rapidly changing work environment as they delivery high standards of care.

The 14,000 care workers will get access to support services like counselling, a dedicated hotline and lunchtime talks on coping skills. NUHS will also be offering training courses in areas such as self-care and clinics on how to handle a crisis, during and after the event.

The programme is a partnership between NUHS, the Healthcare Services Employees Union (HSEU) and NTUC subsidiaries. NUHS also wants to help upskill employees and prepare them with industry 4.0 capabilities.

These include addressing skills gaps, developing mechanisms to help workers embrace change as well as leveraging new L&D concepts such as micro-learning platforms.

“The first is part of our efforts to enable our staff to work well into their 70s if they choose to do so, equipping them with the skills needed in a digital technological world,’’ says Professor John Eu-Li Wong, chief executive at NUHS.