RCA2018: Best Career Conversation Provider

TrainingGearAsia was a worthy winner of this new category, giving the company a record three Readers’ Choice Awards in 2018.
By: | October 20, 2018

New in 2018, the Best Career Conversation Provider Readers’ Choice Award acknowledges a new imperative for businesses amid the disruptive and talent-scarce landscape most are experiencing. It focuses on the increasing trend of organisations contracting third-party specialists to help keep their staff motivated, focused, and taking advantage of the career development resources and opportunities available.

TrainingGearAsia is at the forefront of this new movement. Founder and behavioural transformation coach Joseph Wong says taking home the Readers’ Choice Award in this category was therefore particularly satisfying.

“What is most significant is the industry-first award on career conversation which we clinched based on our movement for the past eight years to date on career conversation,” he said. “Indeed, it was a hard earned accolade, this one!”

But that doesn’t mean TrainingGearAsia’s effort in this new space will slow down – quite the opposite in fact.

“We will continue to push ahead the career conversation movement as the industry is undergoing massive up-skilling and reskilling at the moment,” Wong said. “This has a huge impact on how talent development and retention will evolve into the future and we are definitely on the right track.

“As we speak, major organisations are already looking into how these conversations can change engagement, development, and motivation of the workforce.”