Readers Choice 2019: Best Corporate Healthcare Group

Fullerton Healthcare was named Best Corporate Healthcare Group in the 2019 Readers Choice Awards last month.
By: | December 2, 2019

As a vertically integrated health platform, Fullerton Healthcare owns clinics, pharmacies, diagnostic services and has a wide network of health facilities. This helps it control costs for clients, while maintaining access and affordability of health services.

These attributes helped Fullerton Healthcare win gold in the 2019 Reader Choice Awards as the Best Corporate Healthcare Group. It also has technological platforms, like the Fullerton App, allowing patients ease of access to information such as the closest clinic to go to, and track their entitlements and claims history.

Ho Kuen Loon, Group Chief Operating Officer and Singapore Managing Director for Fullerton Healthcare said: ‘’With a presence in nine markets and covering over 13 million lives with some of the largest names in business as our customers, Fullerton has the width and depth of experience and expertise to provide the highest level of requirements in managed care’’.

Looking ahead, 2020 is set to be a very exciting year for the healthcare group. “It is our 10th anniversary. We are focused on developing new avenues, through digitisation and technology, to give even more value and convenience to patients, providers and payers.”

Picking up the Silver Winner trophy was Alliance Healthcare. Karen Ong, Executive Vice President, said: “We are thankful to have a team of very professional employees and their dedication in supporting our pursuit to break new boundaries in Singapore’s evolving healthcare needs’’.

Alliance constantly reviews its service quality to ensure top-notch healthcare experiences are delivered to its members. The healthcare group continues to explore innovative solutions to support its corporate as well private clients’ needs in the everchanging healthcare environment.

For next year, Alliance will be introducing telemedicine and mobile care services to add on to its suite of services to make healthcare more accessible for everyone.

Fullerton Healthcare

Founded in Singapore, Fullerton Health is a leading, vertically integrated managed care provider in Asia with a focus on providing affordable, accessible and sustainable healthcare to our esteemed corporate clients.

Today, Fullerton Health is present in eight markets –Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Australia, and New Zealand – as we continue to expand our footprint in the region. Fullerton owns more than 500 medical clinics, centres and entities, employing about 6,000 employees including more than 1,200 healthcare professionals across Asia-Pacific.

Alliance Healthcare

Alliance Healthcare Group Limited (AHG) was founded in 1994. Throughout the years, AHG has grown to four segments of business – GP clinics, Medical Specialist clinics, Pharmaceutical services, and Managed Healthcare Solutions – to serve the evolving needs of our customers.

We focus not only on public healthcare and managed care businesses, but also on creating value for our patients and corporate partners. Together, we continue to push boundaries and invest on innovation to strive for our patients and partners.