Remote work does not impede career progression

Instead of mandating a return to office, Dell is letting employees choose where they want to work and giving fair opportunities to all.
By: | September 27, 2022

As many businesses have imposed return-to-office mandates, Dell intends to let its workers choose how they wish to work. 

“From my experience, if you are counting on forced hours spent in a traditional office to create collaboration and provide a feeling of belonging within your organisation, you’re doing it wrong,” said Michael Dell, CEO of the company, in a LinkedIn blog post. 

“Technology’s ability to create a do-anything-from-anywhere world, where work is an outcome rather than a place or time, also enables you to create a strong corporate culture anywhere, all the time,” he explained. 

According to Dell, there is no meaningful differences for team members who work remotely or in the office, with 90% of Dell employees saying everyone has the opportunity to develop and learn new skills, dispelling the perception of unequal opportunity.

In fact, the majority believe that the shift away from office work will create a more inclusive work environment. A recent Dell survey of 10,500 respondents found that 80% believed this is so, and that people will have time to work, achieve independence, and still care for loved ones or pursue other interests.

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Other tech firms are taking different approaches. Google and Apple have asked their workers to work from the office some days of the week, while Amazon has said that its workers do not have to be present in the office.