Singapore encourages hiring of people with disabilities

Companies play an important role in the hiring of people with disabilities, while the government will continue to play a key role by offering support.
By: | August 26, 2022
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Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong said that to see a sustainable improvement in the employment of these people, businesses must see it in their interest to hire them, not just out of charity or social good, but also because firms truly believe in the benefits of disability-inclusive hiring.

The public service, one of Singapore’s largest employers, has also been inclusive in its hiring, he said, highlighting the example of Vital, an agency at the Ministry of Finance, which provides corporate shared services for the entire public service. 

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Wong said: “We can and must do better. Because as we look to the future, what is clear is that the continued success of Singapore will rely not just on how much economic growth we can generate, but also on how inclusive we can become as a society. We have to do more to ensure everyone can participate fully in the progress of our nation.” 

He added: “Ultimately, persons with disabilities do want to work and, if given the chance, have many valuable skills to offer. And as a society, we owe it to them to give them this opportunity. Let’s all do our part to get 40% of persons with disabilities employed by 2030.”

Wong was speaking at the Inclusive Business Forum organised by SG Enable.