Six effective strategies to network for introverts

Networking may seem like a chore for some employees, but they can use it as an opportunity to create genuine and lasting relationships..
By: | June 1, 2023

While networking in the workplace may be essential for the sake of increasing opportunities and forging connections, it can seem like a very transactional and extroverted practice for introverted employees.

To increase the effectiveness of networking, Dr Ruth Gotian, Chief Learning Officer, Mentoring Academy, Weill Cornell Medicine, recommended that introverted employees embrace their introversion or shyness as these traits have unique qualities that can make them better networkers, such as great listening skills.

Writing in Forbes, she also suggested that introverted employees curate the quality of contacts in their network, searching for people who align with their values, interests, and professional goals to build a robust support system. 

Next, Dr Gotian suggested that employees leverage on aspects that can be available to them, such as online networking platforms, where networking could be done on platforms that can afford them privacy to connecting. She also pushed aspiring networkers to examine pre-existing relationships within their network and see just how these links can potentially be the branch to introduce more connections within their stratosphere.

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Finally, Dr Gotian reminded that networking should be built on the mindset of developing genuine relationship to maintain an organic support network. At the same time, she also cautioned that there is more than one way to network and build relationships and encouraged employees to do so in alignment with their interests and passions, so that networking can feel more enjoyable and authentic. “Remember, networking is forging meaningful connections,” Dr Gotian concluded.