The skill introverts can use to thrive in the workplace

Introverted employees can contribute to workplace culture if they can openly converse with their managers on alternate ways to contribute.
By: | May 30, 2023

While many would expect successful employees to have traits such as being outspoken and having the ability to command a room, this may not work for introverted employees. However, introverts can find ways to succeed in the corporate workplace by actively choosing workplaces where situations to actively and enthusiastically participate can be avoided and where they can build an environment to contribute in ways they feel comfortable in, said Jevonya Allen,author of The Introvert’s Guide to Becoming a Master Networker.

Allen, who identified as an introvert, shared that employees who are reserved will thrive best in smaller settings, where they can build communication channels with their managers to find alternate ways to contribute ideas, such as submitting suggestions in writing privately. By being prepared, introverted employees can explain the situations they would like to avoid and suggest alternative ways to contribute voluntarily.

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This, Allen explained, can allow these employees to contribute, have an open channel with their teams and managers, and create factors and environments that work in their favour to be productive in almost every workplace. For those who may need a little more help, she suggested taking online personality tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or the DiSC assessment, so that employees can gauge how introverted they are and find answers to how they can communicate with others, reported