South Korea mandates some workplaces to provide rest facilities

The labour ministry is now making it compulsory for all workplaces employing a certain number of regular employees to provide rest facilities for their staff.
By: | August 12, 2022

South Korea’s Cabinet has approved a revision to the enforcement ordinance of the Occupational Safety and Health Act that stipulates the range of workplaces required to comply with rest facility installation and management standards, according to the Ministry of Employment and Labour.

Under the revised enforcement ordinance that will take effect on August 18, employers with more than 20 regular employees or companies employing more than 10 regular employees, including more than two workers involved in seven specific job types must provide rest facilities.

The seven job types include call centre workers, care service providers, telemarketers, delivery workers, street cleaners, apartment security guards and building security guards.

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Fines can be levied against employers who fail to provide rest facilities nor comply with installation and management standards. The revised enforcement ordinance also includes a provision that requires some types of businesses to increase the number of safety managers, according to The Korea Bizwire.