Supporting LGBTIQ+ communities through inclusion training

To promote LGBTIQ+ inclusion in workplaces, Australia's Victoria state invested A$1.85 million in Rainbow Health Australia's How2 programme.
By: | May 18, 2023

Australia’s Victoria state has made a significant investment of A$1.85 million (US$1.23 million) to promote inclusivity and support for LGBTIQ+ communities. The funding will be utilised for essential inclusion training in partnership with Rainbow Health Australia, an organisation dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the LGBTIQ+ community.

Approximately 400 organisations will have the opportunity to participate in Rainbow Health Australia’s How2 training programme, which aims to enhance LGBTIQ+ inclusion in workplaces by assisting organisations in developing sustainable inclusion plans.

The How2 programme serves as a crucial foundation for organisations aiming to achieve Rainbow Tick accreditation, which signifies an organisation’s commitment to establishing safe and inclusive environments for LGBTIQ+ individuals. It also serves as a framework to demonstrate their dedication to inclusivity.

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Harriet Shing, the Victorian Minister for Water, Regional Development, and Equality, said, “This training will help more organisations to create safe, dignified and inclusive spaces for LGBTIQ+ people, which is more important than ever.”

Rainbow Health Australia will also collaborate with an Aboriginal-led organisation to provide customised support for Aboriginal-led organisations. This collaboration, said Rainbow Health Australia, ensures a tailored approach to inclusion efforts and will facilitate networking among organisations that have completed the training, creating a platform for sharing experiences and providing advice.