Technology training key for career advancement

While acknowledging its importance, cost and knowledge gaps are some reasons why employees and job skills have not engaged in skills training.
By: | February 15, 2023

Cost and a lack of awareness of available options are some of the reasons cited by employees and job seekers on why they are not pursuing professional or technical skill development.

60% of respondents to an IBM survey think digital credentials may be costly to obtain, while 40% of students say the greatest barrier to professional or technical skill development is not knowing where to start.

These respondents, who are seeking careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) sectors, also expressed concerns that career options might not be available to them, despite market data showing that employers are investing in the reskilling of their current workforce to allow employees to keep up with rapid advances in technology and stay relevant in the digital economy.

However, the respondents acknowledge that online training and digital credentials are emerging as a recognised pathway to new opportunities, with 80% of them planning to build their skills in the next two years. With these new skills, 61% of students and career changers plan to seek new jobs in 2023.

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Justina Nixon-Saintil, Chief Impact Officer, IBM, said, “Technology training can have a transformational effect on a person’s life. There are many misconceptions about what’s needed to pursue a rewarding and lucrative career in today’s rapidly advancing workplace. This is why we must raise awareness of the breadth of science and technology roles that exist across industries.”