Unemployment rates in Singapore edge up

Singapore saw their average unemployment rate go up in 2019 but there was growth in its employment rate as well, according to the Ministry of Manpower.
By: | January 31, 2020

Average unemployment rates in Singapore went up last year to 2.3% from 2.1% the previous year, according to the latest report by the Ministry of Manpower.

Unemployment for residents also increased to 3.2% last year from 2.9% in 2018, while that for Singaporeans stood at 3.3%, up from 3% previously.

Manpower minister Josephine Teo said, “The unemployment rates for 2019 are a concern but they are not alarming.”

National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) Assistant Secretary-General Patrick Tay also added that structural challenges such as skills and jobs mismatches continue to be the main cause of unemployment in Singapore and hopes there will be more support from the government.

“With the current and impending challenges such as our demographic/labour force profile, global issues such as the US-China trade war, Brexit and increasing protectionism, technological disruption, the Wuhan virus etc, I am eagerly looking forward to greater support, funding and focus in the areas of jobs and skills for Singaporeans,” he said.

While unemployment rates went up, so did employment rates as the total employment growth in Singapore grew by 55,200 last year despite the global uncertainties in 2019.