Vaccinated employees get 2 days off work in Taiwan

Workers who receive the COVID-19 vaccine will be entitled to two days off work, according to the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).
By: | May 7, 2021

However, whether they will receive paid leave will depend on their employers, said Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shih-chung, who heads the CECC. 

The vaccination leave includes the day the shot is administered and the next day, and those vaccinated will not need to prove they feel unwell after receiving the vaccine in order to take leave. They will only have to show their COVID-19 vaccination card. 

Employers cannot refuse to let their staff take vaccination leave, or retaliate should the latter choose to do so, CECC said. 

The new policy comes after labour-rights groups in Taiwan urged the CECC to grant paid COVID-19 vaccination leave. Taiwan’s COVID-19 vaccination programme started on March 22. To date, a total of 67,931 or 0.28% of its 23.57 million population have gotten their first shot. 

There are six categories of people on CECC’s priority list which includes people staying with anyone in the top three categories. The top three categories include medical personnel, epidemic prevention workers, and people with a higher risk of COVID-19 exposure due to their jobs. 

The next three categories include those traveling abroad on diplomatic or official business, athletes representing Taiwan in international competitions, police officers and military police, as well as residents and staff at long-term care facilities and workers in correctional facilities. 

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Those not in these six categories can also get vaccinated if they intend to travel abroad for reasons other than tourism, but they need to pay NT$600 (US$21) per shot, compared to the NT$80 (US$2.9) to NT$200 (US$7.2) those on the priority list pay.