Vietnam proposes aid package for employees returning to work

To attract people who have gone back to their hometowns to return to work after lockdown, the government is working on a support package.
By: | November 16, 2021

Deputy prime minister Vu Duc Dam has tasked the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) and localities to design such a support package.

About 1.3 million workers returned to their hometowns during the fourth COVID outbreak.

Vu said some measures need to be implemented at the central level. For example, checking regulations on pandemic prevention and control to ensure they provide safety but are not too complicated. The regulations on testing and response to COVID-19 cases and their close contacts also need to be flexible.

In addition, temporary regulations that are practical for businesses are necessary. For example, a temporary special regulation on limiting the number of working hours within a month or within a year is being considered.

Businesses are gearing up to implement orders to be able to deliver products in time for the year-end sale season. Companies have been recruiting workers, including high-quality, mid-level and senior workers, to resume operations in the new normal period and prepare orders for the Lunar New Year.

Besides aid packages, Vu proposed that MOLISA and localities consider other welfare considerations for workers coming back to work.

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He said many workers have had to live in privately run boarding houses with very poor conditions. He asked localities to activate programmes on building better accommodation for workers and gradually restructure production and the workforce, according to Vietnam net.