Workplace stress affects employees’ wellbeing in New Zealand

More workers are experiencing increased workplace pressures which are impacting their physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing.
By: | August 25, 2022

A survey by the Employers & Manufacturers Association (EMA) and nib New Zealand revealed that more New Zealand workers are facing increased workplace pressures, which have an impact on their physical (91%), psychological (87%) and emotional (87%) wellbeing at least once over the past three months. Of which, 85% of employees suffered tiredness, 63% felt anxious and 69% had difficulty concentrating.

“We found the number one cause of workplace stress is understaffing, which often leads to poor work-life balance and places pressure on employees to work longer hours,” said Brett O’Riley, Chief Executive of EMA.

“Flow-on effects can impact an individual’s wellbeing, but also productivity at the business and its sustainability into the future.” 

O’Riley also said one in four employees surveyed reported they intend to change jobs in the next 12 months, which should sound a clear warning bell that businesses now need to pay more attention to their employees’ wellbeing. 

Respondents thinking about a career change said they want employers that offer flexible working (78%), career development (74%), regular performance feedback (74%) and wellbeing initiatives (69%). 

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The survey also showed that 57% of respondents said health insurance is a key benefit for consideration when changing jobs and close to half the HR managers surveyed thought private health insurance would help those on extended leave get back to work faster.

The 2022 Workplace Wellbeing Survey, in its second year, was conducted nationally, with 1,200 respondents.