Would you interview someone via text?

A growing number of employers are now conducting interviews by text to become more efficient and avoid discrimination.
By: | October 21, 2019

In this digital age, employers are regularly finding new ways to use technology to speed up the recruitment process and become more efficient, especially when they need to make multiple hires.

Up until now, using text messages as part of the hiring process has been largely off limits. But given that text messaging is the most popular data service worldwide, with around 23 billion texts sent daily, it was only a matter of time before HR departments jumped on the trend.

The actual interviewing process does not differ that much from a face-to-face one. Generally, it still takes a question and answer format once both parties have decided an agreed time slot. The interviewer asks a series of questions via text message, but doesn’t provide the next question until the interviewee provides the answer to the previous question.

This new style of interviewing has many benefits for employers. Multiple interviews can be carried out quickly, with little disruption to both the interviewer and interviewee.

It also allows the interview to take place outside of normal office hours, which is useful if the candidate is in another time zone. On top of that, because you can’t see the candidate’s face, it helps reduce the risk of bias and discrimination.

The speed and efficiency of text messaging interviews can also help with employer branding – creating a reputation of being innovative, modern and relevant to new recruits.