Would you recruit someone via a Tweet?

To appeal to the younger generation, some employers are turning to Twitter to make it easier for candidates to apply for roles.
By: | October 30, 2019

While CVs and resumes are unlikely to be replaced anytime soon, there are new ways of applying for jobs using social media. Twitter is leading the charge, giving millennials and Generation Z a faster and easier way to apply for jobs.

The social media platform has been trialling a new initiative called the #OneTweetCV. Applications needed to be crammed into a single tweet, forcing candidates to show their personality through images, emojis, threads and polls. It was deemed such a success when trialled in the U.K that Twitter is considering launching the initiative in other countries.

While employers still require some form of CV/resume to document their career history, skillset and level of education, social media is a useful screening process to identify creative and imaginative candidates that think outside of the box.

The #OneTweetCV initiative was the brainchild of Twitter’s HR and communications teams. They felt it was a win-win situation for both the company and candidates as it took far less time for apply for roles and to sift through ‘’applications’’.

While social media hiring is a relatively new tool for employers, it can show them in a positive light as a progressive company that appeals to younger, tech-savvy candidates. But it won’t replace some of the traditional steps in the interview process.