#BetterMe by AXA helps organisations construct more resilient workforces

#BetterMe by AXA is designed to help build a healthier and more productive workforce.
By: | February 22, 2021

A resilient workforce, suggested Jean Drouffe, Chief Executive Officer of AXA Insurance Singapore, is made up of healthy, motivated and productive employees.

He said, “We are living in a volatile, uncertain and risky environment, and employees are experiencing a very high level of stress. Over the last decade, there has been mounting pressure on individuals both in their personal lives and their work-life career, where individuals are really expected to perform at every moment.”

At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to bring uncertainty to the workforce, Drouffe’s comments are particularly pertinent. Faced with the prospect of unemployment and reduced earning power, employees are feeling more stressed than ever.

This can be particularly relevant for employees in Asia, who have traditionally demonstrated one of the highest work stress levels in the world. For instance, a recent survey by market research firm Ipsos found that 56% of Singapore residents are pessimistic about job security for themselves, their families or other people they know personally.

Urging organisations to treat workforce resiliency as a priority, Drouffe added, “Organisations need to invest in their most important asset – their people. It benefits the company in so many ways if you have more motivated and productive employees.”

Besides demonstrating that companies are invested in their employees’ overall health, introducing good employee benefits can not only help to attract and retain talent, but also create more motivated employees in these uncertain times.

#BetterMe by AXA offers customised solutions for every company and employee

According to an AXA survey conducted in 2019, 36% of respondents felt that the level of coverage in the benefits they receive is unsatisfactory. To bridge this gap, #BetterMe by AXA offers a wide range of benefits, including flexible top-up features for companies and employees, dedicated service and engagement with employees, and digital convenience, amongst others.

The following points are what #BetterMe by AXA had to offer for companies and their employees:

Flexible top-up plans

#BetterMe by AXA allows companies to customise their corporate plan’s coverage and wellness offering based on business needs and insights on employees’ needs. A base plan with options for hospitalization and term life insurance is selected, followed by optional add-on coverage and supplementary services.

Employees will have the option of enhancing the company-provided insurance plan by adding on coverage, including general practitioner coverage, specialist coverage and dental coverage. Essentially, the base offering allows employees to customise and supplement the coverage by enhancing their benefits according to their individual needs and budgets.

Dedicated service and engagement

As part of the #BetterMe offering, AXA ambassadors will be allocated to clients to assist in the onboarding process. They will help conduct training sessions to inform employees of their benefits and help companies better engage with employees by organising events based on the employees’ interests. These include, but are not limited to, financial talks, health screenings and fitness classes, and will be conducted at your office or through virtual online sessions.

The AXA ambassadors will also provide a range of advisory on personal financial needs from personal savings to family planning. #BetterMe by AXA aims to provide not only a flexible plan, but also a holistic employee benefits plan that allows employees to enhance their quality of life outside of their working hours.

Digital convenience

As a one-stop digital platform, MyAXA contains employees’ group health insurance information in one app. With MyAXA, employees can gain easy access to essential health insurance information, whenever and wherever they are. These include easy access to health cards, insurance policies and useful health and wellness articles, infographics and videos.

Other than MyAXA, which is designed for employees, AXA also developed a platform to support HR. It is a convenient one-stop portal that provides HR with access to all information and eliminates manual processes.

It offers features such as:

  • All documentation, including invoices, receipts and policy schedules are contained in the portal.
  • It allows HR to manage new staff and staff leavers quickly through the portal.
  • Easy access of the company’s data, such as ‘top ten’ conditions, segregation by gender, and filtering of employee claims, amongst others.
  • Quick notification alerts for HR

To provide more value to HR processes, the dashboard can help HR estimate their company’s employee benefit premium for the next year. This is done though verifying the source of claims, as the following year’s premium is dependent on the current year’s claim records. The dashboard also allows HR to understand where the claims are coming from through criteria such as the top conditions of the claim, as well as the source of the claims.

Even for employees who wish to purchase additional coverage subsequently, they can conveniently use MyAXA to do so without going through HR for forms and signatures, thus reducing the amount of paperwork that has to be done.

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