CHRO Malaysia 2024 to address key HR strategies amid new HR roadmap

HRM Asia’s CHRO Series will take place on 10 July 2024 for its Malaysia edition, guiding CHROs in aligning people with business strategy.
By: | July 3, 2024

HRM Asia’s CHRO Malaysia 2024 is set to take place on 10 July 2024 at Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara. This event promises to be a cornerstone for CHROs across the nation, focusing on the theme of Aligning People with Business Strategy: Malaysia’s New HR Roadmap.

The event comes at a significant juncture as Malaysia launches its National Human Resource Policy Framework, providing crucial guidance for implementing human capital development programmes. This framework underscores Malaysia’s commitment to enhancing workforce welfare, skill development, and overall organisational success.

CHRO Malaysia 2024 will kick off with a thought-provoking opening keynote address by Datuk Wira Shahul Hameed Dawood, CEO of HRD Corp. This session, titled Shaping the Future of HR: Embracing Inclusion in the Malaysian Workforce, will explore the transformative role of HR in the evolving Malaysian workforce, focusing on inclusion as a key driver of success. Datuk Shahul will delve into the importance of cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce, providing strategies to promote diversity, address unconscious bias, and foster an inclusive culture that drives innovation.

In addition to the keynote address, CHRO Malaysia 2024 will feature two insightful panel discussions designed to help HR leaders navigate the current landscape.

The first panel, titled Why a Sustainable Workplace Starts and Ends with People, will delve into the importance of building a sustainable and equitable workforce. The discussion, moderated by Mohamed Aslam Iqbal Mohamed, Head of Human Capital, Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB), will explore how organisations can ensure fair treatment and full participation for all employees, including underrepresented groups. Panellists – Shazmi Ali, Vice-President HR, Malaysia, Shell; Sureash Kumar, HR Director, Asia and Middle East, Beckers Group; and Monique Yong, Group Chief People Officer, Aonic Asia – will also address how to create opportunities for all employees to thrive while ensuring resources are managed responsibly for the long term.

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The second panel discussion, The Impact of Technologies on Malaysia’s Job Market: Opportunities and Challenges, will focus on the ever-changing world of work. This discussion, moderated by Khim Tan, CHRO and Senior Leader of Banks, Fls & FMCG, will highlight both the challenges and opportunities presented by automation, AI, and the necessity of upskilling in response to evolving technological landscapes. Joining the panel will be Sulaxmi Prasad, Chief People Officer, Taylor’s Education Group; Alvin Kanniah, HR Leader, Mentor and Speaker; and Muhammad Imran Kunalan, Head of Human Resources, Westports Holdings, providing perspectives on navigating technological disruptions and leveraging opportunities for growth and development in the job market.

In another presentation, Amandeep Singh Kohli, Chief Business Officer for Asia-Pacific at KNOLSKAPE, titled Leading the Age of Gen AI: A Guide to Futurise, Humanise and Personalise, will emphasise the necessity of embracing transformative technologies such as AI and automation to stay competitive and agile. Kohli will highlight the importance of balancing these innovations with the human elements of organisational strategies.

CHRO Malaysia 2024 is proudly supported by BIPO, Coursera for Business, KNOLSKAPE, O.C. Tanner, and Hogan Assessments. To find out more about CHRO Malaysia 2024, click here.  

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