Driving Environmental, Social and Governance as a workforce strategy

Building an effective business strategy around Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is becoming a growing priority for organisations.
By: | March 17, 2022

In the wake of the pandemic, the role that organisations are playing in society and their level of social responsibility are being scrutinised more closely than ever before.

As a result, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) has emerged as a critical long-term business strategy for growth and risk protection. To measure an organisation’s ESG performance, investors, customers, and job applicants are more interested than ever in the organisation’s commitment to the environment, its people, and the running of its business in an ethical and sustainable manner.

At a time of unpredictable turnover and intense competition for talent, the relationship between ESG performance and workforce sentiment is a key lever for organisations, with the former becoming increasingly important for engaging today’s employees and attracting talent.

To find out how Pertamina Foundation is acting as an alternative vehicle to support the ESG goals of Indonesian oil and natural gas corporation PT Pertamina, join Yulius Bulo, Operations Director, Pertamina Foundation, at HR Tech Festival Asia 2022 on Thursday, May 12, from 2-2.30pm (SGT).

In his keynote session titled ESG And the Role Of HR, Yulius will highlight how Pertamina Foundation is adopting a human development approach and use of transferable capabilities to ensure the successful implementation of ESG measures across subsidiaries of PT Pertamina.

He added, “With the increasing importance of corporate policies incorporating ESG measures, HR management capabilities play a very important role in making sure the human development ethos of ESGs is in place. Join me at HR Tech Festival Asia 2022, where I will share Pertamina’s ESG objectives and how we develop multi-faceted approaches to address climate change issues, stimulate sustainable social and economic development, and foster continuity, transparency, and employee development.”

Taking place from 10-13 May 2022, HR Tech Festival Asia 2022 will celebrate a week-long festival of HR with some of the most recognised global and regional thought leaders, and the most innovative HR tech brands in the market today, including ADP, Ceridian, CoachHub, Globalization Partners, Oracle, ServiceNow, Skillsoft, Top Employers Institute, Culture Amp, Enboarder, Microsoft, SHL, SumTotal, and Wolter Kluwer.

Asia’s largest and favourite award-winning HR Tech event will also see the debut of the ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO) Summit. Moderated by Dr Bob Aubrey, Founder and Chair of the Advisory Board, AHDO, the inaugural online event will examine the state of human development at work and how this can be improved in the ASEAN region.

Welcoming delegates to join him at the ADHO Summit, which is taking place from 2-4pm on May 11, Dr Aubrey said, “COVID has been a game changer and the HR Community has shown unprecedented leadership in enabling organisational resilience that allows companies to adapt and innovate. To see where this goes next, you do not want to miss the AHDO Summit at HR Tech Festival Asia 2022, which highlights the new human development dimension in companies across the ASEAN region.”

“Meet 16 leaders of the new ASEAN Human Development Organisation as they take you on a virtual tour of four ASEAN countries’ human development realities and challenges. Dialogue with human develop leaders, who will share how they are changing their organisations from traditional HR to delivering on PeoplePlanet, and Profit. Learn from HR leaders on how to take your organisation into the new paradigm of the future of work.”

Joining Dr Aubrey at the AHDO Summit are Hong Phuc Le, Chairperson, AHDO and Founder and President of the Vietnam Human Resources Association (VNHR); and Nadiah Tan Abdullah, CHRO, SP Setia, who will examine how the pandemic has accelerated awareness of people as a business purpose and how ASEAN is taking the lead in promoting human development.

Participants can also hear from people leaders such as Nazrul Aziz, Vice President (Graduate, Diaspora & Industry Partnership), Talent Corporation Malaysia; Tayla-Michelle Bestbier, Wellness Executive, Plumm Health; Alvin Goh, Executive Director, Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI); Alexis Pham, Chief People Officer, Home Credit Vietnam; and Pambudi Sunarsihanto, Human Resources Director, Blue Bird Group, as they discuss the transformation of HR and growth of human development, how human development organisations look like, and the priorities for today’s HR leaders.

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With the theme of Return. Refresh. Reimagine, the 21st edition of HR Tech Festival Asia will be presented in a hybrid format that is designed to provide an immersive and customisable event experience for your needs and preferences.

2022 will be a complex year for APAC’s HR leaders as organisations return to the workplace, refresh talent strategies, and reimagine the future workforce to optimise business impact.

Be sure to be part of HR Tech Festival Asia 2022 and learn how you can power up your HR teams for a successful year ahead!