Employee sentiment towards workplace learning falls in Singapore

Workplace learning has dipped despite employees recognising the importance of Learning & Development (L&D).
By: | September 5, 2022

Employee sentiment towards the importance of L&D has dipped from 99% in 2021 to 81% in 2022, according to NTUC LearningHub’s (NTUC LHUB) State of Workplace Learning (SWL) Report 2022.

Despite 73% of employees saying that they were willing to participate in both company-offered and external L&D programmes, 26% said they have not enrolled for or attended any training in the past year.

The employees surveyed as part of the report attributed this to the lack of time (52%) and heavy workload (45%). This is consistent with last year’s findings from NTUC LHUB, where 49% of employees say they are too preoccupied with work to attend training.

Employees are also less inclined to say that their organisation offers relevant training for employees, as compared to last year. Only 78% of employees share that their organisation offers relevant training in 2022, a drop from 2021’s survey findings where 85% shared the same sentiment. The main reasons for employees’ view towards training relevancy include a conventional approach towards training (31%), and a limited range of topics covered (23%).

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The SWL Report is a continuation of the Workforce Learning in Workplace Transformation Report 2021, which aims to uncover the dual perspective on the role of managers in employee learning and the current and desired states of workplace learning. The report is based on a survey of 450 full-time professionals based in Singapore, including 150 managers and 300 working professionals.