Employees in India favour hybrid work model

Employees believe that a hybrid work model helps improves their productivity and gives them much-needed work-life balance.
By: | November 10, 2022

This was according to a survey by HP, which also showed that employers who offer a hybrid work option are more likely to be able to make employees stay in their current job.

The hybrid model, said HP, increases productivity, makes employees focus better and provides more flexibility to get the work done, with most respondents preferring to work from office for two-to-three days a week.

About 47% of respondents believe that home productivity with office visibility gives them a better chance of promotion and gives them more opportunities to demonstrate their abilities and build relationships with their team members.

The survey also suggests that employees in India feel more open to constructive collaborations in the hybrid work model. In a remote-only setting, establishing this human connection and socialisation is challenging. About 42% of respondents believe they can have better and more engaging conversations in-person, while 62% find it easier to work with other people in office.

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HP commissioned the global hybrid work survey that offers key insights into Indian employees’ workplace attitudes, career growth, and retention issues. The survey had a total of over 10,000 respondents, including over 1,000 from India, across the ages of 18-50+ years. The participants worked in various industries full time or part time or were business owners or self-employed, reported ET Now.