Employees in India value strong organisational leadership

The majority of the Indian workforce expects their employers to be leaders who inspire them to perform to the best of their ability.
By: | October 17, 2022

The provision of a comfortable work environment is at the top of many Indian employees’ expectations from their employers, as 59% expect their employers to provide a pleasant working environment along with clear strategy and vision from their C-suite leaders. Following this, 58% of Indian employees expect job security from their employers, according to a study by the global communications group BCW.

About 57% also expect their employers to be leaders who inspire people to perform to their utmost potential accompanied by clarity on growth and career opportunities and access to necessary tools and technology. There were also expectations among employees regarding the effectiveness of leadership’s decision making, their visibility as leaders, internal communications, and employee engagement.

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This study also revealed a generation gap when it came to expectations from their employers. A safe and comfortable workplace is most important to 65% of millennials; however, 61% of baby boomers value strong leadership and workplace culture. Taking a stand on the issues that matter is important for 55% of Generation X employees, whereas 68% of Generation Z prefer open and honest internal communication.

Generation Z employees also value soft skills like support and empathy, whereas millennials prefer managers who recognise them and provide growth opportunities. Baby boomers and Generation X, on the other hand, value trust and fairness in their managers’ decision-making.

The study showed that, unlike other markets, pay and benefits are not among the top drivers in the top 10 most important expectations in India, reported Business Today.