Employers in Malaysia want to decide terms of flexi-work

Companies want to decide on the kind of flexible working arrangements that meet their needs and not be dictated to about such arrangements.
By: | June 28, 2022

This was the view held by the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF).

MEF president Syed Hussain Syed Husman said that as businesses varied from one to another, ranging from manufacturing, construction and plantations to banking, tourism and hotels, and the retail trade, they all have different and unique structures and production needs.

Some are locally based, some internationally based and governed by various rules and regulations.  “One must understand this before seeking to change the existing system of work. It should be recognised that not all businesses change and not all processes can change,” he said recently.

“The final decision really depends on the industry and conditions of the particular business,” Syed Hussain said, while identifying a lack of commitment from top management as one of the challenges in implementing flexible working arrangements.

He said a lack of engagement among employees may lead to lower productivity and a higher attrition rate, with confidential data or information being compromised.

He hoped the government would provide clear guidance on the rights and obligations of organisations in dealing with requests for flexible working arrangements, and with rejection of such applications. 

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His statement came in response to changes in the Employment Act , which will come into force on September 1. Employees who want to work on a flexible basis could apply to do so with their employers under the new laws, deputy human resources minister Awang Hashim said recently, according to FMT.