Flexible work arrangements could create job opportunities in Malaysia

Employers can tap a huge labour force that includes women and university students not able to work full time, says former minister.
By: | June 29, 2022

Dr S Subramaniam, Malaysia’s former Human Resources Minister, said, “Employers must change their mindset and tap into this labour force, particularly with the country’s labour shortage.”

He said the legislative framework already exists in the Employment Act and Employees’ Social Security Act, with sufficient provisions on how to pay people based on flexible work arrangements. 

“It is all there. It may require employers to restructure their work operations but there is no reason why it can’t be done,” he said, adding that models from other countries could be considered. 

Amendments to the Employment Act 1955 which come into force on September 1 would allow employees to apply for flexible working arrangements. 

In addition, Subramaniam spoke on forced labour and said the problems need to be solved soon. 

“Malaysia isn’t the only option for these workers. It is important to enforce a culture to abide by these rules and the rights of workers, foreign or domestic, are preserved,” he said. 

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Subramaniam, a former MIC president, served as Human Resources Minister and later as Health Minister in the Cabinet of former Prime Minister Najib Razak and was speaking after a dinner to mark his being made a Tan Sri in the royal honours list, according to FMT.