Getting a healthy start to employee wellness

With a range of customised and inclusive product offerings, Prudential is helping organisations build a healthier and more productive workforce.
By: | August 11, 2021

Jeff Ang and his team want to help Prudential’s corporate customers make holistic wellness a core part of their corporate culture.

While an organisation’s success can be predicated on many factors, employees will always form the backbone of the business. More organisations are recognising that employee benefits are key to keeping their people engaged and productive. In current times, protection as well as health and wellness are important must-haves for most people.

Group insurance for peace of mind

As a leading life insurer in Singapore, Prudential Singapore (“Prudential”) is helping to provide protection to businesses and their people.

Jeff Ang, Head of Enterprise Business Solutions, Prudential Singapore, told HRM Asia, “Having the necessary protection becomes critical in the face of rising healthcare costs and an ageing workforce.”

“Moreover, the last thing employees want to worry about are sudden and unforeseen medical expenses. This is where employee benefits such as group insurance come in useful for companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).”

Prudential also recognises that when it comes to employee benefits, it is not a case of one-size-fits-all. “We want our corporate customers to have control over how much coverage they need and the types of protection they require,” Ang explained. “They can choose from simple package plans or customised solutions that better meet their needs, business size, and budget.”

The life insurer offers a comprehensive plan, PRUTreasures Flexi II, that meets the needs of even companies with only three employees. The plan protects employees against the financial impact of unforeseen illnesses and accidents.

Health and wellness key to engaged and productive workforce

With Singaporeans living longer years, it is essential to have a holistic health and wellness programme that supports employees in staying healthy and productive for their extended careers. Prudential is helping its corporate customers and their employees be more proactive about preventative healthcare through various ways.

For one, Prudential launched an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered health and wellness app, Pulse, to provide all Singapore residents with round-the-clock access to healthcare services and real-time health information. For example, they can use an AI-powered symptom checker, do a health assessment, and consult a doctor through the app.

Corporate customers and their employees also have access to WorkPLAYce – Prudential’s corporate wellness programme – which offers a plethora of activities that promote physical and mental wellness, for example, fitness and meditation classes, and health screenings.

“We want to help our customers make holistic wellness a core part of their corporate culture. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had arranged for flu shots to be carried out at some of our corporate customers’ premises. Not only did it highlight the importance of preventative healthcare, it also meant time saved and greater convenience for the business and their employees.” Ang added.

In recognition of how the pandemic has created an increasingly hybrid workforce, Prudential has digitised its offerings such as its WorkPLAYce activities to help companies engage employees even when they are working from home. It introduced virtual activities such as health and wellness webinars and programmes that touched on mental health which were well received by customers. It also introduced gamified employee quiz (PRUDash) to help companies engage their employees even when they are working from home.

This complements solutions such as a digital claims process to allow business owners, HR managers and employees an easy and seamless access to insurance and employee benefits, especially for SMEs who may have limited resources in managing this. It also provided its customers with digital solutions to provide better care for their people such as the move to increased use of electronic documents and signatures.

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Other than narrowing the protection gap for businesses and promoting health and wellness, Prudential is also supporting the long-term development of SMEs with the launch of the SME Skills Accelerator programme. A collaboration between Prudential and SkillsFuture Singapore, it aims to equip SMEs with the skills and resources to grow and innovate, upskill employees to boost their career progression, and improve employee retention.

Ang added, “SMEs receive guidance from a Skills Manager and Skills Ambassadors who are Prudential financial consultants trained and equipped with knowledge on SkillsFuture initiatives. Together, they will identify the skills gap and develop a suitable plan to meet their goals. This will help SMEs remain relevant in a rapidly evolving environment.”

As further support announced in January 2021, employees of Prudential’s corporate and SME customers would have hospitalisation coverage extended to include side effects of COVID-19 vaccinations. In addition, new work pass employees diagnosed with COVID-19 within 14 days of their arrival in Singapore would receive complimentary medical insurance.

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