How are employees valuing their jobs today?

Employees remain open to the development of their profession, expansion of their careers, and pursuit of new opportunities, according to research from G-P.
By: | December 15, 2022

More than 60% of employees in the Asia-Pacific region are currently satisfied with their current employment but are open to finding other opportunities and over 30% are willing to pursue years of education or training to make a career change.

According to G-P’s 2022 Global Employee Survey, employees are also determining the value of their careers by more than just their pay checks and are seeking options such as greater flexibility and the ability to take advantage of new and emerging job opportunities.

Globally, employees are placing a high value on professional development, particularly on reskilling and additional training opportunities. Better pay, a greater sense of fulfilment, and the opportunity to gain new skills have also been identified as the other key reasons for employees to consider a career switch.

In the Asia-Pacific region, over 50% of employees cite higher salaries as the primary reason for changing careers, followed by career fulfilment and new learning opportunities.

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Urging organisations to take the opportunity to think about how they recruit, hire, and manage their workforce, Bob Cahill, CEO of G-P, said, “This data shows that most global employees are currently, and will continue to be, invested in their professional future. People want to be prepared in times of change and ready for new opportunities, and that includes considering new kinds of careers.”