Globalization Partners rebrands to reflect commitment to hiring globally

Enabling global growth and providing employment opportunities for the ‘everywhere workforce’ is at the core of the newly branded G-P.
By: | October 6, 2022

Globalization Partners has been rebranded as G-P, alongside a new tagline and visual identity to reflect the firm’s ongoing commitment to enabling global growth for businesses and employment opportunities for all.

G-P’s new identity comes at an inflection point for the company, as it plans a series of innovative product launches in the coming months that will further expand its SaaS-based technology platform and enhance customer service.

G-P created the Employer of Record category in 2012, transforming the paradigm that required companies to have subsidiaries or local branch offices to develop globally and allow companies to hire internationally. As companies across the world embrace working remotely, this new way of hiring has grown rapidly in demand and G-P will embody the company’s vision of enabling global growth for businesses while providing employment opportunities for ‘everywhere workforce’. 

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Heidi Arkinstall, Chief Marketing Officer for G-P, said, “We are in an environment where our category, customers, competitors, and culture are all shifting rapidly. It’s critical that our brand acts as a signal of who we are and serves as a lighthouse to where we’re going. Our evolved branding reflects what we have built, but it also represents our future and embodies the story of how we unlock possibilities through our Global Employment Platform.”