How Gen Z employees can contribute to the corporate workplace

A millennial boss shares her experience hiring Gen Z employees and how they impressed her with their work ethic and eagerness to learn.
By: | May 30, 2023

One millennial CEO has opined that Gen Z employees happen to be more professional and more knowledgeable than most people would give them credit for. 

This was the viewpoint of Jen Hartmann, a founder and CEO of a marketing agency in Louisville, Kentucky, who wanted to find new employees that could help with the company’s public-relations coordination by contributing a different perspective. The journey to doing so, as told to Business Insider, was one that changed her preconceived notions on Gen Z employees. 

Firstly, Hartmann detailed the interview sessions, where the aspiring applicants were not just well-prepared by doing their research and dressing well; they also followed up the interviews by emailing and messaging on LinkedIn their gratitude for the interviews, showcasing their professionalism. 

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Next, Hartmann shared how she was impressed that her new employees picked up information rather swiftly and were also eager to learn and asked questions about the work. Not only were they receptive to feedback on projects and tasks, but they also took initiative and ownership of their work, enthusiastically contributing ideas during meetings and owning up to any mistakes and suggesting how they can work better. 

Finally, Hartmann explained that Gen Z employees, with their knowledge of social media platforms and keeping up with the biggest trends and culture points, are key to understanding and tailoring different pitches that would stand out from competitors on social media platforms such as TikTok. Their knowledge of these platforms and trends, said Hartmann, also helps to identify and build media lists that are more effective and faster to develop.