Indonesia provides more support for working mothers

A proposed Bill on Maternal and Child Welfare will provide working mothers with more benefits and help develop a better generation of human resources.
By: | June 15, 2022

This was disclosed by House Speaker Puan Maharani, who said, “We expect that the Bill on Maternal and Child Welfare, which is included in the list of the National Legislation Programme Priority 2022, will be completed soon. This bill is important to (develop) Indonesia’s (next) generation.”

Among other things, the bill will provide mothers with a sense of security and comfort, as well as protection from all forms of violence and discrimination, including in the workplace.

“The MCH Bill also stipulates at least six months of maternity leave, and (working mothers) cannot be dismissed from work. In addition, mothers who are on maternity leave must continue to receive salaries from corporate social security and corporate social responsibility funds,” she added.

She said that maternity leave was previously regulated by Law No. 13 of 2003 about Manpower, which set its duration at only three months. However, in the MCH Bill, the maternity leave period has been extended to six months, with a 1.5-month rest period for working mothers who experience a miscarriage.

Maharani also said that the bill stipulates the wages for mothers who are on maternity leave. For the first three months of the leave period, they will receive a full salary, and starting from the fourth month, they will get 70% of their salary.    

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The rearrangement of the maternity leave period is important to ensure children’s growth and development as well as the recovery of mothers after delivery, according to Anatara.