Indonesia to boost empowerment of women

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has outlined three main conditions that must be met to bolster the empowerment of Indonesian women.
By: | December 27, 2021

The three conditions are the equalisation of digital infrastructure, digital literacy, and entrepreneurial skills training for women in remote regions of the country, the president said.

Firstly, the equalisation of digital infrastructure is needed as it supports women in many productive activities, Jokowi said, adding that for one, it makes it easier for women in the digital industry to access financial services.

Secondly, Indonesian women who master digital literacy can use and benefit from digital technology by being more productive, the president said.

Thirdly, the country should improve and increase women’s training and development so that Indonesian women can upgrade their qualities and skills, especially entrepreneurial abilities. This could be realised by conducting more entrepreneurship training and workshops for women for the advancement of their protection and empowerment, he said.

The three conditions are important as they will have an impact on the progress of women in Indonesia in their efforts to achieve more independence.

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Jokowi made these statements at his opening speech at the G20 Women’s Empowerment Kick-Off Meeting, said a press release issued by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, according to