Indonesian businesses object to proposed increase in parental leave

The Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) has objected to new fathers being entitled to paternity leave for a maximum of 40 days.
By: | June 23, 2022

It has also objected to women having maternity leave for six months as covered in the draft law on maternal and child welfare (MCH Bill). Currently, new mothers are entitled to maternity leave of at least three months, while new fathers only get two days of leave. 

Apindo believes that because the business world is currently recovering from the pandemic, this regulation will make it difficult for companies to grow. 

“Frankly speaking, 40 days is hard for the business world… We imagine that the business world is just crawling back from the pandemic,” said Apindo DPN’s Head of Regulatory and Institutional Relations Committee, Myra Hanartani.

Moreover, the woman’s right to maternity leave of at least six months is considered burdensome for entrepreneurs. It is also feared that this regulation will affect the level of women’s participation in the business world, as businesses are more likely to hire men, all things being equal, she said. 

Six months of maternity leave will be difficult for companies to not only pay salaries while new mothers are not working, but also must incur additional costs to hire other people to fill the positions of those who are temporarily on leave. 

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Therefore, Apindo is asking the House of Representatives to be careful in drafting the MCH Bill so as not to burden the business world, especially the small and medium-sized businesses, according to